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Save more when you get them together!

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Your human body was designed to operate out of rest, not stress! In this sermon series, you'll learn the significance of biblical rest, and discover how you can rest in Christ despite your negative circumstances. Find out how God has gone before you and is working behind the scenes for your good even when nothing seems to be happening. As you get a fresh revelation of how God's abundant grace causes you to surmount every difficulty, you'll arise with renewed strength and a new attitude of thanksgiving and victory. Put an end to worry, fears and restlessness dominating your life today!

Stressed out, burned out, and weighed down by worry and anxiety? 

Release your cares and burdens to the Lord through this 31-day thoughts and prayer booklet! 

Each thought is paired with grace-filled Scriptures and a prayer that will help you to experience the power of the let-go life. Let Jesus dispel your fears and rest your soul as you immerse yourself in His powerful promises. Replace negative thoughts with His encouraging thoughts, and release your cares and burdens to Him through the simple heartfelt prayers here. As you cultivate the habit of letting go of every care to Him and anchor your heart on His Word, you will experience His peace, His supply, and His victory in every challenge!